mentrestant, a Copenhague…

Ultimament, sento coses estupendes de Copenhague. Sembla que diverses persones al meu voltant s’han conxorxat per a convence’m de que es un lloc fantàstic on viure i treballar. Potser el clima és un pel dur, però té el que semblaria evident en qualsevol país europeu: bones condicions de treball, horaris raonables, impostos que serveixen per a pagar serveis públics i una vida cultural interessant.

Fa uns dies algu em va reenviar  un article online (aquest) que m’ho va acabar de confirmar: per a viure fora de casa, Copenhague és un lloc estupendo. Vistes les opinions de la nostra fantàstica secretària d’estat de recerca i la brillant política de I+D que ha configurat el govern elegit democràticament ara no fa ni un any, em penso que el millor que puc començar a fer és mirar qui em voldria donar feina, per allí…


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    29/11/2018 4:32

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  • Alekander

    10/09/2012 3:39

    Dear Francoise, that is excellent topic for me, as I am pscyhologist, especially interested for happiness as subject. There is not much space here to talk about that much (but if you are more interested for that, please be free to talk about that with me through e-mail, Facebook ), so I will mention here just 2 things:1.Quality of life can mean very different things for different people. For example, some people who come from poorer areas and not travel so often have need to experience something they imagine as modern civilization, to see on airports bright lights, technique, etc.- it gives them impression they are in rich and civilized world. Coming from poor Serbia, I heard such perspective often here.2. Still, much more common is completely different thing, most of people worldwide live in big cities, they are in rush all the time, and they really have strong need to feel contact with nature, and environmental friendly surrounding means so much for them, it is so relaxing, oasis from alienating tempo of modern life. That’s why I think using of natural material, playing with colors even on recycling bins, , is extraordinary important today. Finnair doesn’t fly in Tirana, in Albania, but mayor there made great thing refreshing gray socialistic architecture exactly playing with colors. Buildings there are now almost symphony of colors, thank to this mayor, who is painter by profession. It would be great that all big cities have similar ideas: I am sure that people who live there will like to have the city looking like imaginative, maybe even childish, painting just look what gem Gaudi made of Barcelona:) Please, go on to talk in your blog how much of such things you will find in cities and airports worldwide, I would like to read it for sure!



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